How Do I Start A Blog?

Welcome to the inaugural post! For my first project, I will walk through how I set up this blog. There are four basic steps: (1) choose your web hosting service, (2) pick a domain name, (3) create an html file, and (4) upload the file.

  1. Choose a Web Hosting Service recently published its list of the “10 Best Web Hosting Services in 2018.” They listed Bluehost as #1 for best reliability. After doing a bit more research I decided to go with Bluehost.

  2. Pick a Domain Name

    My next step was picking a domain name (

  3. Create the HTML File

    I used Sublime to create this html file. I named the file “index.html.”

  4. Upload the HTML File

    This step was my biggest hurdle, but I found a great tutorial on youtube at dancourses. Dan explains the cpanel and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) methods for uploading a HTML file. Cpanel is a linux webhost used by Bluehost and other web hosting services. You can log into cpanel by adding “/cpanel” to the end of your website name (e.g., “”). FTP creates a connection between a computer and a hosting account. Cpanel got the job done for now, but I will use FTP as my website grows.

Thank you for reading. I have a lot of exciting posts for this blog coming soon, and I can’t wait to see where this project takes me.