I'm a Solutions Architect at HeroDevs, specializing in End of Life products, brownfield applications, and the Angular framework.

I live in Memphis, TN with my wife, two children, and two dogs. In my free time I love watching the Memphis Grizzlies and reading science fiction books.

My passion for coding began at a legal tech company shortly after graduating from law school. I started there as an attorney, but picked up bits and pieces of coding skills from several programmers I worked with. The more I programmed, the more I loved it. I started with simple excel macros to speed up repetitive tasks for a projects. Then I build custom queries to sift through thousands of documents much more efficiently.

At a certain point, I knew it was time to pull the trigger and give programming a real shot. So, I enrolled in the Flatiron immersive software engineering bootcamp. This bootcamp was the experience of a lifetime. It was the inaugural cohort in the recently opened Atlanta campuse, which gave every day a sense of vitality and excitement. Over the course of several months I learned JavaScript, React, Redux, Ruby, and Rails. I also conducted pair programming and practiced agile software development.

After graduating from Flatiron, I moved to Memphis, TN and got to work building Angular applications for enterprise clients.